Articles on accessibility & mobile devices

Earlier this year the Pew Internet & American Life Project released a study titled ‘Americans living with disability and their technology profile’ highlighting another aspect of how the digital divide applies to those with special needs.

So today I was heartened to see USA Today publish this article:

Adapting to the iPad, called education’s ‘equalizer’

Over the years, public libraries have taken on various roles to address the digital divide, both to help provide access to technology and to help develop technology skills. With the prevalence of mobile access, what’s next for public libraries in this arena?


Which should be used to boost sales?

A recent study found that ebooks can boost print sales. Worthy of a study for sure, but in reality when the future is ebooks and electronic content, this would seem to be the wrong tactic. Why not offer free print books to increase ebook sales?

From the Digital Reader: Study shows that free ebooks boost print sales

A potential 30% minimum bump in sales would probably be welcome to the publishing industry. I’m all for a thriving industry that can support more authors and release more titles. Yet, to adopt this wide scale and expend great efforts to drive print sales with a tantalizing free ebook offer would negatively affect the perception of ebooks. Ebooks as weaker in sales and perfect freebies = perhaps profitable, surely not sustainable?

And, which is better for libraries?

Sometimes I have more questions than answers.

Why Not?

Operating with a stance of “Why not?” can be the perfect antidote to the beguiling, ever-tempting “No.”

“No” brings things to a halt, FAST. “No” reacts, rejects and forbids. “No” closes the discussion before the award-winning million-dollar idea can be shared.

Let’s consider some business uses for the “Why not?” approach. Why not..

  • Decide to throw “Because we’ve always done it this way” to the wind?
  • Switch gears mid-project to do the right thing?
  • Try a pilot project with a new technology?
  • Revisit the idea next week, next month, or next quarter?
  • Invite others to the table and give them a chance to speak freely on any topic?

There will always, always be solid reasons not to do some thing. Why not feed optimism and hope, respond less cautiously, and change your entire operation?

National Hurricane Center RSS Feeds

Hurricane season has arrived. Why not stay informed of storm activity by subscribing to one of the RSS feeds offered by the National Hurricane Center (NHC)? RSS feeds are offered for the Atlantic (including Caribbean and Gulf of Mexico) and the Eastern Pacific. In addition, there are per-storm feeds available which correspond to specific advisories issued for active storms. (The NHC offers e-mail advisories, too.)

A full list of all RSS feeds from the National Weather Service is available here.