2008 Primary Election

Today is the 2008 Presidential Preference Primary in Florida. There is also a very important Constitutional Amendment regarding property tax exemptions and property tax limitations on the ballot. If you are eligible to vote, please consider voting!

More information is available from the Florida Division of Elections.


Instant Messaging

Instant messaging (or just IM) is ancient compared to other web 2.0 technologies. The real-time nature of IM appeals to users desiring a fast and (nearly) free communication tool.

When I was in college, I used IM regularly. This was a fantastic way to keep in touch with friends during school breaks when we all scattered across the country. And, certainly a great way to avoid long distance fees. Often, our chats would turn into a phone call or vice versa. I must admit there were times when I would be on the phone with one friend and chatting with another online. Multitasking with technology = brilliant.

Since then, I have used IM intermittently for various uses. With IM, I have quickly compared wedding reception locations and shopped for a DJ. I have also used other libraries’ chat services, including Ohio’s KnowItNow. The convenience of IM is wonderful! 

As a reference librarian with the Tampa-Hillsborough County Public Library, I have staffed Ask a Librarian since January 2006. 


Why moxie?

We each have our favorites, those things we are drawn to and prefer above others. I may not have a favorite book, favorite beach, favorite city or favorite dessert. I do have a favorite word.

Merriam-Webster’s Online Dictionary provides this definition:

moxie [ˈmäk-sē] n. 1. energy; pep 2. courage; determination 3. know-how

Did you know the word ‘moxie’ derives from the soft drink Moxie? And before it was a soft drink, Moxie was used for medicinal purposes?

This distinctly different soda has a very powerful root flavor. Think root beer with oomph and a noticeable aftertaste. Moxie is definitely an acquired taste and I have found it goes well with pretzels and sandwiches.

Moxie has had many fans, including President Calvin Coolidge and baseball player Ted Williams. Today, the soda remains available, especially in New England, and the word lives on.

Have you tried Moxie? If so, please share in the comments.

For more information about Moxie: 

The Marietta Soda Museum devotes a page to Moxie Facts.

There is also a lengthy entry on Wikipedia for Moxie