National Hurricane Center RSS Feeds

Hurricane season has arrived. Why not stay informed of storm activity by subscribing to one of the RSS feeds offered by the National Hurricane Center (NHC)? RSS feeds are offered for the Atlantic (including Caribbean and Gulf of Mexico) and the Eastern Pacific. In addition, there are per-storm feeds available which correspond to specific advisories issued for active storms. (The NHC offers e-mail advisories, too.)

A full list of all RSS feeds from the National Weather Service is available here.


Incorporating RSS into Library Services

How have libraries incorporated RSS technology into their services? Check out John Russell’s recent post The Libraries that Feed Us for a list of select public and academic libraries using RSS.

Another great resource on this topic is the entry on RSS from the Library Success Wiki.

10 Ways Libraries Can Use RSS

Because using RSS is about sharing and delivering information, it seems perfectly natural for libraries to adopt this technology for library services. Here are my 10 ways for how libraries can use RSS.

10 Ways Libraries Can Use RSS

1.  Create an RSS feed for new additions to the online catalog.

2.  Create an RSS feed tied to a library card account for hold notifications and/or overdue materials.

3.  Create an RSS feed for new programs and events posted on the library website.

4.  Create an RSS feed for the library’s electronic newsletter.

5.  Create an RSS feed for press releases and other media advisories.

6.  Create an RSS feed for library closings, including emergency closings.

7.  Create an RSS feed for library job openings.

8.  Subscribe to a few RSS feeds, such as local news websites, and share the content on the library’s website. This could be included on a page containing other local resources and local links.

9.  Subscribe to RSS feeds of interest to library customers and share the content on the customer’s personalized library webpage. Customers can choose to access selected RSS feeds, their library account information, subscription databases, and email/chat with a librarian all in one spot.

10.  Subscribe to a few professional RSS feeds and share with library staff on the library intranet.

Create an RSS Feed for Any Website

RSS is great for keeping tabs on updated content, such as blog posts and news feeds. But what about the cool website that you bookmarked and visit obsessively 15 times a day in hopes of something new? (Not counting the number of times you hit the refresh button.) That is fine if you enjoy clicking on the same site throughout the day.

Another, more efficient, time-saving option is to use a nifty tool that allows you to create an RSS feed for any website. Simply take your pick of the web’s finest to Page2RSS and enter the URL. Choose to subscribe to the RSS feed using your favorite reader and let RSS deliver the latest and greatest webpage content to you.

Love Note to RSS

Sure, Valentine’s Day has come and passed, but I wanted to share my fondness for RSS. Subscribing to RSS feeds has helped me to keep up professionally, stay in touch with the latest developments, and share resources and tips with others. Here is my love note to RSS:

My dear RSS,

Oh, what you do for me! No longer do I need to check a website relentlessly for new content. You show up daily in my Bloglines feed reader and give me the latest updates hourly. My favorite blogs and news are brought to me without hassle. This is such a thoughtful gift! I must say again that your consideration for my time and energy set you apart from the competition. 

We established our connection 2 years ago or was it 3? Your name is Really Simple Syndication but your XML code still intrigues and keeps me guessing. You never seem to mind when I add another feed; for you, this is simply a change of outfit. We started with around 15 feeds but now there are dozens more. Our relationship truly blossomed when I customized you for my blog. Now you delight in sharing my blog with others. I just love using the RSS method to access and share information. Let us never be apart for long.

Very truly yours,

The Moxie Librarian

Increase Your Blog’s RSS Feed Subscribers

Here’s a simple means to increase the number of subscribers to your blog: promote your RSS feed. When you comment on another blog, instead of leaving just your blog address, leave the address to your feed. This highlights your blog as well as suggests that your blog is fantastic and worth subscribing to via RSS.

Why would you wish to increase the number of subscribers? Theoretically, more RSS feed subscribers leads to a wider audience of readers. And more readers inclined to read/skim each post. Which leads to greater exposure for your blog. Which is a good thing.

(Found some time ago via doshdosh)

Fun with RSS Feeds

Most feed readers automatically pick up on a site’s feed URL, including Bloglines and Google Reader. My feed URL is 

Through WordPress, I was able to customize somewhat the feed experience for my wonderful readers. Blog posts appear in full-text as opposed to summary. As a reader, I prefer full-text and so naturally selected that option. In addition, through the enhanced feeds feature, posts can be saved directly to, Digg, reddit and StumbleUpon. I hope you enjoy the experience and feel free to subscribe using your favorite reader!