Online Gaming

Let me reveal, I am not much of a gamer myself and prefer other methods for learning and entertainment. (I am quite intrigued by Rock Star though I have not played it yet – if you are hosting something in the Tampa Bay area, let me know!)

For this library 2.0 lesson on online gaming, I headed to my library’s Just for Kids page and explored some of the online games available to the younger folks. This was actually a nice trip down memory lane. I landed back in the first grade, where I first played computer games at school. Just like in the past, the games available from the library’s website are semi-educational though the graphics have certainly improved!

Though I may not be passionate about Dance Dance Revolution or World of Warcraft, I support gaming in libraries.  For many libraries, gaming is another means to carrying out a library’s mission and serving the community. Regardless of popular perception, libraries are not just a place for books and DVDs. Libraries provide connections to information in many forms, and will continue to share this information as long as there is a need. Functions such as collection, preservation and organization assist tremendously in this process, but so do less formal methods and interactions.