How to Post a Video on Your Blog

Today I spent some time assisting a coworker on how to post a YouTube video onto her blog. She is using Blogger for her blog. This process was more complicated than we had anticipated.

The instructions given on both Blogger and YouTube indicated we could simply copy the code given in the “Embed” box. So, we thought we could just copy the code and paste it into a new blog post. This was not the case. We were unable to copy more than just the beginning portion of the code. (I checked later and found that users who choose to upload their videos to YouTube can prevent them from being embedded in others’ blogs. I’m not sure how common this is.)

After some trial and error, we ended up creating a YouTube account and adding a blog to the account. This allowed us to share the video from YouTube with her specific blog and thus post the video. If you find you cannot copy the code to embed the video, you may wish to follow the steps below to share the video instead.


How to Post a YouTube Video on Your Blogger Blog


1.  Locate a video from YouTube that you would like to post on your blog


2.  Sign up for a YouTube account here (complete the form even if using your Google account)


3.  Next, visit your new YouTube account page to add your blog to your YouTube account


4.  Click the link for “Video Posting Settings” and then click “Add”


5.  On the next page, choose Blogger and enter your Blogger username and password


6.  Return to the video that you have chosen


7.  Click on the option to “Share” below the video


8.  Select your blog from the assorted “Share” options


9.  You may change the title (the video title is default) and enter any text for your post


10. Click to share the post on your blog and it will be published immediately



For WordPress users, I found detailed instructions on how to post a YouTube video here.




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