Love Note to RSS

Sure, Valentine’s Day has come and passed, but I wanted to share my fondness for RSS. Subscribing to RSS feeds has helped me to keep up professionally, stay in touch with the latest developments, and share resources and tips with others. Here is my love note to RSS:

My dear RSS,

Oh, what you do for me! No longer do I need to check a website relentlessly for new content. You show up daily in my Bloglines feed reader and give me the latest updates hourly. My favorite blogs and news are brought to me without hassle. This is such a thoughtful gift! I must say again that your consideration for my time and energy set you apart from the competition. 

We established our connection 2 years ago or was it 3? Your name is Really Simple Syndication but your XML code still intrigues and keeps me guessing. You never seem to mind when I add another feed; for you, this is simply a change of outfit. We started with around 15 feeds but now there are dozens more. Our relationship truly blossomed when I customized you for my blog. Now you delight in sharing my blog with others. I just love using the RSS method to access and share information. Let us never be apart for long.

Very truly yours,

The Moxie Librarian


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I am a librarian with the Tampa-Hillsborough County Public Library in Tampa, Florida.

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