Interacting with Blogs

ICARUS…the Santa Fe Public Library Blog was recently brought to my attention. This blog is rich in content and visually appealing. The posts are very well written and I love their fresh, personal approach. But there is no option to comment 😦


Web 2.0 tools are participatory by nature. The option to comment on a post is one of the neat features of blogs. Why not open the blog to the public as other libraries have done? To name a few, Darien Public Library, Westerville Public Library and Fairfax County Public Library blogs allow comments. I am not saying all public library blogs should permit comments, as that may not be appropriate to the blog’s focus. In this case, however, much of the content relates to library programs and library holdings.


Let their customers comment on the programs they have attended, share their favorite event, and communicate their excitement for an upcoming event. This blog reads like an online newsletter. In fact, I see little more than an online newsletter presented through Blogger. (And I truly do not mean to pick on Santa Fe; I found many other library blogs that I thought should be more interactive.)


Sure, it can be scary to forfeit control. But public libraries open their doors daily to the world; why not do the same with the library’s online presence?



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I am a librarian with the Tampa-Hillsborough County Public Library in Tampa, Florida.

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